Saturday, December 30, 2006

How the ninja got her groove back...

by knitting things for myself! Finally!

After the Christmas knitting (final count - scarves: 3, hats: 6, socks: 2 pairs - one of which was finished Christmas day - PHEW), I decided to treat myself to some essentials for Nova Scotia living.

1) A hat. Well, sorta. I knit Calorimetry in one determined sitting. It's freakin' huge. I'm thinking of ripping it back and reknitting...because I clearly have a shrunken head - possibly due to the number of neurons that just ain't firing. (Old age and childrearing will do that for you.)

2) Socks. Monkey from Knitty - following in the footsteps of Meegie. Love love LOVE the colourway. (Velvet Underground) Didn't think that I'd be such a fan of it considering the amount of hot pink in the skein...but it's actually kinda muted in the actual knitting.

3) I'm also spinning up a storm. Can someone please explain to me why blue silk roving would turn my fingers pink?!!?

I also wanted to show this - it's the circular needle case that I made for my SIL for Christmas. I changed the design from my original one...and I think that it works much better. Lemme know, ok Kiki?

Btw, for some reason - I can't comment on anyone's blog anymore! I'm sorry and promise that I'll try and get it fixed soon...I swear that I'm not snubbing anyone. Promise! >_<


Blogger meegiemoo said...

Nice monkey, good monkey!

I bought some more Sweet Georgia yarn today at TS. I can't remember the name of the colour but it's browns and blues. Verra pretty.

1:51 PM

Blogger Alison said...

Hey, I think it's something to do with you being old-style blogger, rather than new-style (which used to be beta but isn't anymore!).

Nice hat, your head doesn't look that shrunken!

2:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your head band looks cute (but I think it is the band that is big, not that your head is shrunken).

I don't know the answer to the pink fingers question....strange...

Good thing you are knitting for yourself now, it is freaking cold out.

2:16 PM

Blogger Lesley said...

I'm making monkey socks out of Sweet Georgia in Blue Steel. Must be a popular pattern with popular yarn :)
I'm also engaging in purely selfish knitting ;P

10:32 PM

Blogger Geekzilla said...

I got some Sweet Georgia too! I bought Firefly, in true fan girl fashion.

About your pink fingers, is there purple in that silk? Maybe they mixed some red in the blue to make it darker? Using colour to do this, rather than black will result in a richer, but not harsher colour. Or so claims my high school art teacher.

2:27 PM

Anonymous Kiki said...

Hey Lady,

The needle purse works quite nicely! Definitly beats the Hoegaarden glass I've been using the CNs and DPNs!

1:27 AM


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