Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas crunch...

Well, dammit. Here I am with 14 days to go, and it seems like all of my projects are stuck in a rut. 1/2 hat, 1 hat and a pair of socks to go...ungh. In all fairness - it may have something to do with the spinning wheel and the fact that I had a moment of selfish weakness and made something for myself. :P

Took that red merino/orange silk handspun and made some fingerless mitts...boy are these suckers chunky.


became this

and I'm still trying to figure out what to ply this with to enhance it...

One cannot live on fibre alone, so I'm still sewing like mad - loving this pattern and this one too for hostess gifts. How are you all doing with the holiday madness?


Blogger FrozenExtremities said...

Ugh, I'm so absorbed in getting the xmas stuff done I haven't touched my wheel. On the plus side one sweater is done, another almost there!
I think you'll have to give me spinning lessons, you're yarn looks great!

3:50 PM

Blogger Moe said...

You know what? I am DONE my x-mas knitting. You know why? Because I am only knitting ONE PAIR OF SLIPPERS. That's right. Selfishness won out this year.

Seriously, my x-mas knitting wish list is really:
1. finish cashmere hat for Mr Moe
2. knit scarf for Mr Moe
3. knit cowl for mom
4. knit mittens for dad
....blah blah.

You have tough time getting my sympathies Ms. "I own a louet spinning wheel."

8:17 PM

Blogger Geekzilla said...

After mocking you all for your holiday knitting, I realize that I need to complete the toe of a sock and, erm all of the second sock by (don't laugh) Saturday. Wish me luck.

The yarn looks yummai! :)

*sigh* I am tired and wish I was home gaming. No games for me tho, I have a sock to knit.

P.S. Feel free to razz me at KoL :P

9:52 AM

Blogger Alison said...

No Christmas knitting=no holiday hassle. Well, way less anyway. Although I actually caught myself thinking about starting holiday knitting, but then I came out of my yarn induced stupor, and wised up!

6:47 PM

Blogger Leigh said...

This year I promised myself I wouldn't do any holiday knitting for any one unless the specifically requested something. Now I only have to make two things! (Which, uh, still aren't done, but...)

I really love the pink/purple yarn you spun -- it's yummy!

12:51 PM

Blogger Jaichan said...

My family and I drove by that house in your neighbourhood last night.
I'm sure you could hear us all laughing from your house.
Whatever that reindeer is doing to Santa is just WRONG!

10:25 AM


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