Saturday, October 14, 2006

I need a warp in the time-space continuum.


May have bitten off more than I can chew - although that may be the Bailey's on Ice talking. Got these done and off the needles.

Christmas skiing socks for the FIL. Needed the needles for this:

Those are the Dragon Scale Gauntlets from Chartreuse Knits. I confess, I saw the sample that Sheryl at Tangled Skeins knit from the in-house TS silk...and fell in love. Saw this red...and realised that there is such a thing as "needing" yarn. I will be pulling these on every time that I log into WoW.

I'm not crazy about the striping thing that the yarn's got going on...but I'm willing to forgive it, 'cause it's just so darn beautiful. (My relationship with the munchkin is much like this...I'm starting to see the parallels in my life.)

Finished these over the long weekend:

Fetching from Knitty. But...bleh. Not happy with the way that the cables are hidden in the variagation of the yarn. But they're at least I don't have to look at 'em on a daily basis. It's been a stressful little bit, and these were the straw breaking the camel's back - almost had a nuclear meltdown when I saw this:

You can't see it well - but there's a miscrossed cable in there. And those are the stitches that I dropped...and redid with the help of my handy dandy crochet hook. *weeps for her much missed sanity* Loved the pattern, it was just a poor choice of yarn on my part. Will likely be making more of these for Christmas, as they're a quick knit, warm and pleasant to knit. (Apart from the mis-crossed cables...but I'm blaming the yarn.)

Also working on a man's scarf in bulky black Lamb's Pride and some other pretty blue wool...once that's done, I have about half of my Christmas knitting done. Whoops, nearly forgot - cast on a Weasley sweater for Mr. Munchkin. It's starting to get chilly around these parts, and I can't find a damn thing in the house, sweaters included and yarn excluded. Perfect solution, eh?


Blogger Steph said...

Half done your Christmas knitting?

Christmas knitting? *voice pitch raises to level only heard by dogs*


10:56 PM

Blogger FrozenExtremities said...

That's what we need, a Christmas knitting get-together. I'm seriously slacking on the two I have going right now, plus there's another not even started yet. And they're ALL big.

And that silk is to die for.

7:10 AM

Blogger Alison said...

Christmas knitting--my MIL asked me, while I was visiting, if I would do some Christmas knitting for her to give to my FIL, if she paid for the yarn! I don't do Christmas knitting for myself to give! I suggested she ask her other daughter in law, the one who doesn't work and STILL has her kid in daycare for 4 hours every morning. You know, the one who has TIME to do Christmas knitting.

So, I'm still firmly in the "Say No to Christmas Knitting" camp!

9:09 AM

Blogger Moe said...

Those wyvern gauntlets...gasp...I almost died from the fabulousness. Munchkin is going to look downright edible in a weasley sweater!

I'm with Alison on the x-mas knitting. Here's my attitude about it - if it will give me JOY to knit for you, and you will cherish the emotional/time/financial investment, I would knit you something regardless of holiday occasion (ie. it doesn't have to be x-mas).

But, I just can't this year. I don't have it in me.

9:35 AM

Blogger Lesley said...

I also say no to Christmas knitting, it's a stressful enough time of year without the added stress of deadlines. I admire you for having nearly half of your Christmas projects done though. Very cool.

5:20 PM

Blogger Lynne said...

Go go pagan! Christmas? What Christ? OOOOOH THAT one. Nope. Not part of the gig. :P

I refuse to knit for others. Period. While I love to knit, the person on the other end usually does not get that A) nice yarn costs $$$$ so it may be a smallish scarf, but it's quality and B) it takes time, again, the smallish scarf is hours of my life.

On a way less selfish rant, at least the *choke* *gag* colourway is very peppermint candy cane!

5:21 PM

Blogger Jaichan said...

I really want to knit Fetching for the woman who works in the cafeteria at school. She's always really cold.
Christmas knitting? I'm still working on projects from LAST year.
Yeah. I suck.

10:56 PM


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