Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nani? Baka....

I finished this awhile ago, but for some odd reason, Blogger's being an ass about my photos these days.

This is a baby kimono for Mynfel's new little girl - it'll be a bit big on her for awhile, but at least it's stretchy and will fit for awhile.

On the needles atm:

1) 1 lone green skiing sock for a Christmas present in Cascade 220 supahwash.
2) 1 itty bitty blue mitten for Mr. Munchkin.
3) Version 2.0 of the Shibori bag

To be knitted for that dreaded holiday season:
1) Another Odessa in Debbie Bliss Silk to replace the one that I knit (and subsequently lost in transit) during the World Cup
2) Matching mittens and socks for the ones in progress
3) More socks and mittens (maybe a Knucks or two.)
4) Black Malabrigo scarf - plain ole k2p2 ribbing...8 feet of it. Disembowel me now, please.
5) An Avast.
5) And one Swell.

I think that covers it. Lord, I hope so.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yeah, I'm late to the party as usual...

So. Pacafiesta.

Taught me that I should not combine caffeine with yarn shopping. The results had to be snuck into the house under cover of darkness. Here's a pic of the ill-gotten gains.

Before you gasp in horror at my freewheeling ways with a credit card...those skeins of natural coloured alpaca on the left are all from the $5 bin from the Rumour Mill stall. I believe that I was actually head first in the bin at some point, as most of the conversations of my companions was quite muffled. Not sure. May have been slightly dazed at the concept of $5 alpaca...

The gorgeous blue-green skein is from Jorgenhurst Farms - kid mohair. And I realized that I really did need another skein to do anything practical with it. So, I went to the Loop today and picked it up. (Thanks for the advice and moral support, Morgan!)

Also, the whole Pacafiesta experience taught me that enthusiasm can definitely infect. Spinning is the craft du jour amongst the KOL crowd now...I'd like to thank Joyce of the Atlantic Spinners (can't remember the actual name of the group) for taking the time (and exterting massive amount of patience) to teach me and other KOLers how to spin.

Was feeling like crap about my spinning - until I started going through the stash. And I realized something. My first handspun? It looks frighteningly like Manos del Uruguay. Feeling better about my un-l33t spinning skillz now. Which is which, I ask you?

Also. Shibori bag. (I am a crap photographer. Let's leave it at that, shall we?)

(I can't seem to get this pic to sit right...apologies to the crick in your necks.)

I think that I need to make another to test the pattern. Any suggestions for the colour?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Rolling in the moolah

So, I spent yesterday afternoon in Tangled Skeins. But, contrary to most people's behaviour in a yarn store...I didn't buy any yarn. I wandered in there with the intention of checking out the superwash worsted wool (for Christmas presents - socks make for quick gratifying knits), and was asking Sheryl if she had any grey malabrigo on hand.

Turns out that she was almost out - her supplier was having trouble getting more. And of course, I had to open my big mouth and say "Well, I have some kicking around if you need it..." And with those words, I managed to sell 40 skeins of Malabrigo outta my personal stash. While I'm sorta happy to have the floor space back...I'm altogether tempted to place another order through a co-op. Which happens to close today. Gah. Weak, weak, weak.

Also, shibori bag is finished. Hope to have pics as of tomorrow - I'm not terribly good at taking mirror photos. Need to find a magnetic purse closure, but that might take awhile, so I'm not fussed terribly about it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Truckin' Along...

Title snatched from my buddy Pascoe's blog, but appropriate for now.

What *is* it with me and knives? For some reason, I can't stop myself from reaching for the buggers. For example - the needles that I was using to make the baby sweater for Myn just weren't sharp enough. Increasing by k1fb was just a nightmare, so I decided to take the pencil sharpeners to them.

Adequate for the job, wouldn't you say? But nooooooo, I needed to whip out the x-acto knife and proceed to whittle away. Got away with just a nick on one finger, but now the needles are too sharp and they're splitting the wool like mad. Gah.

The Campino socks are done!

The wee toes are Mr. Munchkin's, natch. He was sitting on my lap and helping me take the photo. The kid's a technology freak already...*sniff* I'm so proud. There are moments when I actually think hey, I'm doing a good job at this parenting gig. (i.e. when he asked for Weezer in the car) And then he proceeds to tell me to take the pickle out of my bum...and I make a new resolution to carefully monitor exactly what the hell Mr. Ninja and Mr. Munchkin do when I'm at KOL.