Friday, August 04, 2006

Aye, them there be curs-ed stockings....

See these socks?

They may look like your typical Opal socks...but these ones were the most painful things that I have ever, ever, EVER knitted. And that includes the misshapen potholder that was my first foray into knitting. Why the wailing and gnashing of teeth, you may ask? Because these particular socks took over a year to finish.

Times ripped back in total: 6
Time to complete first sock: 5 agonizing months of stops and starts
Delay between the finish of the first sock and the start of the 2nd: 7 months
Time to complete 2nd sock from start to finish: 2 months

And even then, I cheated a bit and made them shorties...but whatever, they're done. They were part of the massive expunging of UFOs in the house - I made myself finish every UFO that was hanging around so that I could work on my newest lovely wooly thingamabob, purged of any lingering guilt. The hoodie for Mr. Munchkin (became a vest), another pair of Opal socks, a dishcloth and a scarf...all done for the sake of these.

Ain't they pretty? They're for me, and once they're off the needles - the Christmas knitting starts. (Well, technically - it's already started, but that's just because I couldn't resist the allure of Fleece Artist kits. Weak, weak, weak <-- that's me.)

Oh yeah. Both me and the boy celebrated birthdays last week. Since my birthday cupcakes disappeared most quickly, I shall have to make do with a renactment of the chocolate goodness. Frosting-smeared photos to follow.


Blogger Lesley said...

I understand socks that resist being pink socks are currently kicking my ass. Congrats on getting your done, and the newbies are so pretty!
Happy Belated B-Day to both you and Mr Munchkin!

4:39 PM

Blogger Lynne said...

Happy birthday to the hawtest ninja I know!

I am in the process of evaluation. UFOs to finish or rip. Let's just say there is a whole lotta rippin' going on :)

6:28 PM

Blogger Alison said...

Happy birthdays!

6:33 PM

Blogger Jaichan said...

Happy belated birthdays!
Knitting sox sux. Big time.
I don't have time to knit right now; my time has been taken up with work and scowling.

5:22 PM


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