Friday, August 25, 2006


So, I finally took my first real breath on Monday after the in-laws left. It honestly feels like months since I've been able to just ... be. But at least the past month let me learn some things about myself and this life I'm leading.

My in-laws are insane. Perfectly nice people, but insane. My father-in-law is Red Green with a heavy German accent, as demonstrated by this photo of him in our canoe. Observe the front end of the canoe waaaay up in the air. We were quite worried...okay, we would have been if we could have stopped ourselves from rolling around in the sand, laughing our asses off.

Enuff said.

My mother-in-law...I know she's trying and I'm happy for that. And if I say anything more, my face may never learn how to genuinely smile again - I'll just be baring my teeth at strangers for the rest of my life.

In other knit news - am working like mad on the shibori felted bag for my first Ninja Monkey Knit Kit. Need to finish it pronto so that I can take some photos for the kits. I'll hopefully have a sample to show Sheryl at Tangled Skeins before the end of the month. I'm thinking of making 3 kits to start - the shibori felted bag, a knitted cloth diaper cover (possibly, we'll see), and a tri-corner jester hat for kids. The bags for the kits have arrived, I've got a great graphic designer working on the company logo, the sample shibori bag is being knitted as we speak and the pattern's almost done too. Wish me luck.

Oh yes, finished the "sleeping hat" for my father-in-law. He doesn't like drafts on his head when he sleeps, so I made him this simple little ribbed hat. I privately think of it as the penis hat, as it reaches to the chin when it's unrolled, hence making the wearer look like a snoring piece of male genitalia. Here it's being modelled by Mr. Munchkin's wooden doggy bank. The thing sings when you put a penny in it - but recently the batteries have been dying most ungracefully...resulting in a reasonable imitation of a wild dog in heat.

Also, my buddy Myn is having a little one very soon! And I'm also knitting away on the wrap around baby sweater from Greetings from Knit Cafe, hoping to beat the clock. Also, it was her birthday recently, so I'm going to send her this accompanied with some nice organic bath stuff. Hope she likes greens and blues....

Of course, it might help my general coherency levels if I actually went to bed, instead of chatting to worldwide friends until 4 am. Damn you Sir Sandford! I can never remember's who's where doing what anymore.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I lost the baby today.

I don't need to talk about it. But I don't feel like telling everyone in person - so I'm blogging.

There are 2 things in particular about this situation that really bug me.

1)I am going to be plagued with all these "if I had just done X, Y or Z, maybe the baby would have stuck" thoughts for a long long time. So please excuse my neurotic tics for the next little while.

2)Mr. Ninja drank all my fig vodka. And I could really use a stiff drink right about now.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Aye, them there be curs-ed stockings....

See these socks?

They may look like your typical Opal socks...but these ones were the most painful things that I have ever, ever, EVER knitted. And that includes the misshapen potholder that was my first foray into knitting. Why the wailing and gnashing of teeth, you may ask? Because these particular socks took over a year to finish.

Times ripped back in total: 6
Time to complete first sock: 5 agonizing months of stops and starts
Delay between the finish of the first sock and the start of the 2nd: 7 months
Time to complete 2nd sock from start to finish: 2 months

And even then, I cheated a bit and made them shorties...but whatever, they're done. They were part of the massive expunging of UFOs in the house - I made myself finish every UFO that was hanging around so that I could work on my newest lovely wooly thingamabob, purged of any lingering guilt. The hoodie for Mr. Munchkin (became a vest), another pair of Opal socks, a dishcloth and a scarf...all done for the sake of these.

Ain't they pretty? They're for me, and once they're off the needles - the Christmas knitting starts. (Well, technically - it's already started, but that's just because I couldn't resist the allure of Fleece Artist kits. Weak, weak, weak <-- that's me.)

Oh yeah. Both me and the boy celebrated birthdays last week. Since my birthday cupcakes disappeared most quickly, I shall have to make do with a renactment of the chocolate goodness. Frosting-smeared photos to follow.