Wednesday, July 19, 2006

World Cup madness...

Here. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Mostly.

Fanmile: one the best innovations of this World Cup - giant screens set up in town so that anyone without a ticket can still enjoy the fun. And enjoy we did. I don't think that the pictures can really show how many people were really there...the world really does come to party at the World Cup.

Spain vs. Saudi Arabia

More Fanmile:

Some friendly Italian boys after the USA-Italia game on the Fanmile:

The fanmile before a game was just ... electric. Here's one of the Spanish fans with a trumpet:

This was what the World Cup was all about this time - ancient beauty juxtaposed with the beautiful game. This was taken in Bitch, France. (A short drive from K-town)

Those beer kegs were *very* handy - I stood on one almost the whole USA-Italia game so that I could see the giant screen.

An advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana - with the Italian fussball team in all their glory...

Fanmile during one of the Germany games:

A gratuitious Eurotrash Mr. Munchkin pic. Just 'cause I can.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Must ... remember ... to ... breathe

Well, I'm back but not quite ready to talk about the World Cup. I'm waiting on some photos from friends before I can properly show the insanity that was the holiday. But I *can* talk shop - it's all about the yarn, baby.

There was only one yarn store in town, alas. I didn't really have time to hunt down any others in the province...but it was alright, as the little store was more than enough to satiate my gluttonous yarn appetite. It was interesting - it wasn't really like the yarn stores that we have in Canada, as there was only one or two brands that the store carried. (Lana Grosse and a few random balls of Regia) But it had the ENTIRE freakin' line of yarn. Merino, silk, wool, cotton, you name it.

That's the sale rack outside of the store...note the cobblestones outside the store - this store's located in the pedestrian area of K-town. (One of my favorite things about Europe is the presence of an area dedicated just to strolling around. Of course, it doesn't hurt that there are generally at least 3 - 4 ice cream parlors in each pedestrian area. This holiday was all about the food and the yarn. I swear that there was sausage in the air, I gained so much weight.)

See that? It's a 4-sided display of just sock yarn. Miles and miles of beautiful, soft sock yarn. On sale. Yes, unbridled spending was the order of the day, I'm afraid.

Oh, and while I was in Germany - I can thank knitting for keeping me sane. Thanks to the Odessa, I managed not to royally piss off my in-laws. Naturally, that waited until we got back home. *eyeroll*

If I look somewhat doubtful in the pic - I don't do hats, but Mr. Munchkin refused to model it for me. He was too busy getting a Eurotrash makeover. Note the Fussball in the pic - that was the top of a very loud squeezy horn. Which he used to happily wake up the entire household every frickin' morning. Note for those considering propogating a munchkin of your own - kids don't get jet lag. You've been warned.