Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A quick dispatch...

This is a fairly short post from Germany, namely because of two reasons - none of the Effing keys are in the right place on this keyboard, and secondlz...I'll be home in a few days and will have pics to show for it all.

Random fun facts:

1. Of the fans that came through Kaiserslautern (where we have stayed for our entire time in Germany), the Italians were the prettiest, the Trinidadians/Tobagans were the most fun to dance with, the Spaniards were the loudest, the Americans were the most jingoistic (and assholish, to be honest), the Saudis were kind of sparse, and the Australians partied the best. (But we still drank them under the table.) Oh, and the Japanese bought up every freakin' 2 GB cards for my digital camera type. Cleaned out the city.

2. There's no Opal in the local knitting store. /cry However, there is enough Lana Grosse to have given me a yarngasm. And it was on sale. May have lost my mind a little when I realised that the sock yarn was about 1/2 the price it is in Canada. Need to go and buy new luggage.

3. Mr. Munchkin has gone very Eurotrash. Pictures to follow soon.