Thursday, April 27, 2006

I probably *could* have fit that llama in...

Lordy, lordy...I've been lazy.

Seriously, ever since the sun started shining somewhat reliably again, me and adult brain functionality seem to have parted ways. I've been spending my days outside blowing bubbles, finding the single solitary puddle on the playground (and watching Mr. Munchkin stomp in its ankle-deep muddy goodness), and attempting to tame a garden. Which hasn't been touched in 30 odd years.

I'm pretty sure that this is going to be an epic struggle. You shoulda seen the size of the branch that whipped me in the noggin as I was trying to cut it down...with a hand clipper. Today, I'm going to the hardware store to buy me some tools. Namely, a chainsaw and an electric hedge trimmer. Oh yeah, baby - mama needs some new sharp pointy motorized thingamabobs.

Regarding knitting? Have been similarly productive.

Went to Gaspereau Valley Fibres last weekend. Moe and Steph both blogged about it - Mr. Munchkin and I were early, so we kicked around the farm and met some of the locals. MM was particularly charmed by the llama (who isn't?) and insisted that we should bring home the large creature, because it looked cold. Somehow, I convinced him that said llama was too big to fit in our little hatchback...but deep inside, I was pretty convinced that the llama should have come back with us too.

Finished a new hat for Mr. Munchkin (a variation on the jester hats). If I'd thought (ha!) about it a little more, I would have made the diamonds on the top of the hat a little larger to get more of the "floppy" factor worked in. But it's done, and he's been parading around in it for the past day or so.

Socks! Two of them! Ok, the ends aren't worked in yet...I'm getting around to it. After all, it's springtime and everything around here is tendrilly. I'm just going with the flow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


With a few *!^@$ thrown in for good measure.

I think I'm in the middle of one of the crappiest days that I've had in awhile. Woke up at 6 am to the sound of a panicked toddler screaming MOMMY, accompanied by the dulcet tones of gushing water hitting the floor of the bedroom. Turns out that the munchkin managed to open the radiator overflow, and my floors are drying as we speak. From 0 to 100 in a heartbeat, I tell you.


Fed the munchkin his usual breakfast. Fruit, yogurt and toast with a bit of jam. After he was fed, I made myself a proscuitto sandwich and sat down groggily with a cup of tea. MM decided that he wanted to eat my breakfast, and promptly pushed his fist into his very full belly...making himself throw up.

Ok, par for the course. (Motherhood has to be the hardest job. Ever. It totally pwns me.)

But then. This.

Notice how the pretty bamboo needle is a leetle crooked? Needles aren't supposed to have extra angles in them, says I. It's snapped. Guess the stress is starting to get to me. I just don't know my own strength, eh?

But, not all hope is lost. For my book from Mynfel arrived!

Myn, I <3 you, babe.

So, before KOL tonight, I'm getting my hair cut. If there was ever a day to tempt the fates ... aw hell, I'll let you all know how it turns out. It'll always grow back, right?