Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring has sprung!

And the babies are starting to pop too!

My matron of honour just had a wee girl yesterday! Danica, welcome to the world - you're in very good hands. I was so happy that I just had to cast on a teeny hat.

Shown here for scale.

(Yes, Mr. Munchkin is a total ham. Lord love him to pieces.)

It's not a very good pic - it's another one of the jester hats, just like the ones I finished up for Mynfel. But with a twist! See how's it so dull and plain? Well, I decided that since I didn't have any uber-soft pink ghetto Malabrigo hanging around...I would dye this hat.

Resulting in this:

and this:

It's ... uh ... not quite pink. Guess the babe's going to be a red hat lady from the start. The pot's cooling on my porch as we speak. I'll let you all know if the damn kool-aid comes out of my fingers soon. Guess I could try and pull a Lady Macbeth...


Blogger Jaichan said...

Out, out, damn spot. Hat, colour, and model are all luverly.

7:27 PM

Blogger morgan said...

red is the new pink. duh. lol

4:43 PM


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