Friday, March 10, 2006

Reports of my demise have been greatly ... exaggerated.

For once, I didn't fall off a chair. Or a patio. Not even a piano bench.

I just got sucked into something approximating life.

But I'm back - and things are looking up....I cannot believe how nice the weather is on the East Coast! Mr. Munchkin and I have been going for stomps in the woods everyday - the weather's been so mild and sunny.

I've been working on this for awhile...

It's a modified version of the Mr. Moe's toque! (Sorry, Moe...had to adjust it - Mr. Ninja's got a big head. It's the 'fro...I'm convinced.) It's a touch longer - and Steph, I figured out what I was doing wrong at KOL - I was switching the k2TOG and SSK when doing the decreases. Doh. That'll teach me to bring the pattern with me. Finished it last night, trying to exorcise my demons. Managed to finish it up and smush on Mr. Ninja's head around 2 am this morning. Done and done.

I've been a bit blue lately - there are some truly mean people in this world - but Mr. Munchkin cheered me up considerably yesterday when he *asked* to go to the "knit store". (I love my son, have I mentioned that?) So, we visited Jen and her sweet little puppy Harley at Tangled Skeins ... and I treated myself to this.

Yup. That, my friends is some Art Yarns. 100% silk. And it's mine, all mine. (Ignore the other yarns in the basket - that's just the part of the stash that's visible to the naked eye. The rest of the stash is being productive and insulating my office.) I think that I'm going to make myself a nice little silky scarf - it's not cold enough to merit a wool scarf anymore! Hooray!


Anonymous may said...

there's nothing like buying YARN to chase away the blues (at least temporarily..hehe)

1:15 AM

Blogger Jaichan said...

Glad to see you're back.
That yarn is gorgeous... it makes me happy.
BTW, the Weight Watcher cards are a big hit. Thank you. I hope you have checked out the Gallery of Regrettable Food link on my blog.

11:57 AM

Blogger Moe said...

You have no idea how cool I think it is that anyone else would want to knit something I came up with. I love the blue on blue. Mr Moe has a small head, it was a very close-fitting hat as well.I'm not surprised you had to make it bigger.

I went to TS yesterday for a little therapy as well - wow it looks fantastic in there. Spent a little time drooling over artyarns too. Bought one ball of sale Cashsoft lux instead. That's really rotten that someone has been mean to you. I'm convinced karma will take care of those individuals eventually.

The weather has changed my outlook lately too :) Sophie has been smiling a lot as well (she says "snore", her happy noise, for telling her she's cute.)

10:34 AM

Blogger Lynne said...

I also indulged in some retail therapy at TS. I have an unhealthy Noro addiction now. I can't tell you why, but there you have it. I got some purplely silk garden.

Don't be blue Ninja! April 22nd, road trip baby!

5:40 PM


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