Monday, February 20, 2006

And she's back in the game, ladies and gents!

Yes, you just can't keep a knitter down.

Despite the presence of stitches still embedded in my fleshy palm...I'm a-knitting away. (Don't worry, I got smart after the crochet incident. There's a big band-aid on the stitches now. I'm kinda dreading taking it off, though. Maybe I'm not as smart as I think I am.)

However, even when I was unable to hold a needle, I still did something wool-related. (I think I may be an addict - the knit withdrawal was so bad that I was close to stuffing a pillowcase with wool and sleeping with it...hoping for some knitting osmosis. Almost. I'm not completely crazy. I'm just aspiring to a little bit of insanity.)

This *was* a shrug that I adapted from the One Skein Wonder pattern, early in my knitting jumpstart phase last year. However. It makes me look like a fracking linebacker. (I should just stay away from bulky yarn.) So, I frogged it with the help of my handy-dandy ball winder, as I only really needed one hand and one heavy forearm to do so.

But I do have a UFO to show off. It's only a little one, though.

This is another jester hat for Mynfel's bun in the oven - due in the winter, so I made it a 3-6 month size. Awaiting pom-pom or tassel instructions. Ghetto malabrigo, natch. (Despite having to hide the overflow of this kind of yarn in my office, I am still getting more Malabrigo - the real stuff - from another co-op. Someone help me.)

ETA: The hats are done!


Blogger FrozenExtremities said...

Love the popmpoms!!!

BTW, your munchkin is a doll! What a sweetie!!

6:14 PM


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