Monday, January 09, 2006

Yarn Co-op Information!

For anyone wanting to join the yarn co-op that I'm running (and closing soon!), here's detailed instructions:

1. Visit the eBay seller's storefront at and choose what colours you'd like, and make a note of the quantities you are interested in.

2. Go to the group website at

3. If you are already a member of yahoo groups, click on the "join group" button. If not, please register - it doesn't take long.

4. Once you are part of the group, please click on the "Files" link in the navbar on the left side of the screen. Read both of the .txt files there - the generalcoop file tells you how the co-op will be run. And the 100purewool file lists the details about the yarn that we'll be getting.

5. Next, click on the Database link on the navbar.

6. Click on the 100purewool co-op link in the main part of the page.

7. Enter your "order" into the database by clicking the "Add Record" link in the middle right part of the screen.

8. Save your record, and you're all done!

On the 15th, I'll tally up all of the orders and send out the initial payment information (i.e. how much you owe for now). Once I receive payment for everyone, I'll put the order into the seller. When the yarn arrives, I'll let you all know through the group message system what your share of the shipping and customs is. If you're local to me, you can pick up the yarn once I receive the second payment. If you're not, then I'll tack on the shipping costs to you in your final payment notification and send out the package once that payment arrives. Pretty simple, eh?


Blogger Steph said...

darn you and your co-op, you evil temptress!

There are just too many colours!

How can I ever choose?

2:59 PM

Blogger Moe said...

Yo. I heard you sprained your ankle. I hope you didn't do it the same way I did the last time my ankle was sprained (I was pissed loaded drunk and fell into a sunken dance floor in a cheesy bar in Daytona Beach, Fla. I was wearing tall shoes - it was the 90's).

Feel better soon. Keep it elevated.

9:24 PM


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