Saturday, January 07, 2006

A wiser knitter than I...

1. Realizes that a good sister-in-law does NOT need lobster earrings for Christmas, and stops her husband at the cashier. Kiki, if you're reading this, I can only offer these in recompense for the "surprise" that you must have had on Christmas morning.

Yet more Irish Hiking Wristwarmers! These were my naptime knitting...meaning that I could knit on these while waiting for Mr. Munchkin to fall asleep at naptime as there was just enough light to see my cable needle. Now I need a new project...

2. Would not attempt to cast on a new project in the dark. And then proceed to knit away happily and quite blindly. *sighs*

This was not supposed to be a ribbed scarf. Rather, it was meant to be a vision in moss stitch. But somehow I managed to count the number of cast-on stitches incorrectly (TWICE) while waiting for Mr. Munchkin to fall asleep in the pitch blackness of last night. I'm thinking that it's way too skinny to be a decent it's back to the frog pond it goes. Ribbit Ribbit, indeed. Aren't the colours to swoon for, though? Yummy.

3. Would not post a totally off-topic, yet completely awesome link to a video of some little Japanese dude rocking out to Pachebel's Canon in D. Very reminicent of Wyld Stallions, people. (Go and rent Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure if you don't know who I'm talking about, you heathen troglodyte.) I walked down the aisle to this tune...


Blogger Moe said...

Were the lobster earrings a memento of your first x-mas on the east coast? On that thread, next year, you should give her earrings that look like salt cod and baked beans.

The hiking gloves look very soft and cozy!

7:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salt cod and baked beans?? Great idea, but I'll have to pass.

Great job on the wrist warmers! They'll come in very handy for the winter days in Ontario.

Have you thought of making leg warmers yet? Just a thought. I hear they are back from the 80's.

Mr. Ninja's Sister

10:22 PM


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