Thursday, January 19, 2006


Well, it's been a busy little bit.

I sprained my ankle last Sunday taking out the green bin (compostables, for those of you outside the HRM). Some of you may not be aware, but I am a massive klutz...which is quite funny, considering that I'm trained to use sharp pointy weapons. I can do a weapons kata flawlessly...then step outside the dojo and trip over my own two feet. Gah.

And since I was immobilized for a few days, I got caught up on some knitting. And I spent way too much money on music from iTunes.

Cute, no? That's a scarf in alpaca to match Mr. Munchkin's hat and mittens. He's been complaining that his jackets are too choky, so this is a compromise that we can both live with. This scarf was hell to knit, though. I used two balls at once, so I was constantly "splitting" the yarn while knitting it. Needless to say, I got to practice a lot of my German vocabulary - namely the profanities. (Gotta practice for the World Cup...) I think that I knit and ripped back and then reknit at least 3 feet of alpaca, in addition to what you see there.

If there's such a thing as writer's block for knitters - this scarf (despite the horrifically simple and boring garter stitch) almost made me drop my knitting needles off the bridge, it was so repellent and inducing scathing heaps of loathing by the end of the sordid affair...

But every nasty thing must come to an end...and something fun is always lurking around the next corner. Here's what's been skulking around my corner....a little V-neck sweater for Mr. Munchkin in Manos del Uruguay in the colour "Stellar". Now I just need another two balls of the darn yarn and I'm all set. Just getting to the store is my main issue now...


Blogger Moe said...

So you are not a ninja knitting for nothing, huh? Kata WITH weapons - I would have lost an eye. Your munchkin is lucky to have a mommy who knits sweaters in manos.

I think we should have a clumsy knitting support group. I can still do a back handspring but can't walk down the stairs. I just finished healing some sprained fingers after falling down the stairs at my in-laws house over thanksgiving. I also fell down the stairs at my parents' house one christmas and hurt my tailbone so bad it took a year for me to sit down comfortably. I think its me.

9:05 AM

Blogger Lynne said...

If I could have an affair with any Manos *grits teeth* colourway it would totally be stellar.

Gawd I hate the term colourway

6:30 PM


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