Wednesday, January 25, 2006


SnB was great fun last night, despite (or perhaps because of?) the unintentionally groin-themed evening. I'm still reeling and trying to recover from Steph's ultimate hair removal story.

Lynne was sweet enough to loan me her copy of xxxHOLiC yesterday - I'm not quite up to speed on the whole Clamp universe yet...I gotta get out and read more manga. (I think my credit card's going to attempt seppuku soon, if only as a self preservation tactic.) Mind you, I brought her Pocky, so I'm pretty sure that the japan-ophiles out there would call us even. But just to ensure good karma flow over the next while, here's something extra.

Those are knitting charts for designs based on gear from megatokyo. Lynne, feel free to use them as necessary - I'm going to be making myself some b4k4. wristwarmers, I think.


Blogger Lynne said...


You rock my knitting world!!!!

*dances stupidly*

5:34 PM

Blogger morgan said...

I LOVE CLAMP!!!!! see you at the next KOL!!!!! chance to be geeky~yay!

12:31 AM


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