Sunday, January 29, 2006


Lookie at what I just pre-ordered....

Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


SnB was great fun last night, despite (or perhaps because of?) the unintentionally groin-themed evening. I'm still reeling and trying to recover from Steph's ultimate hair removal story.

Lynne was sweet enough to loan me her copy of xxxHOLiC yesterday - I'm not quite up to speed on the whole Clamp universe yet...I gotta get out and read more manga. (I think my credit card's going to attempt seppuku soon, if only as a self preservation tactic.) Mind you, I brought her Pocky, so I'm pretty sure that the japan-ophiles out there would call us even. But just to ensure good karma flow over the next while, here's something extra.

Those are knitting charts for designs based on gear from megatokyo. Lynne, feel free to use them as necessary - I'm going to be making myself some b4k4. wristwarmers, I think.

Monday, January 23, 2006


This is for Moe....who forced my eyeballs to deal with the image of David Hasselhoff in a banana hammock.

Hooked on a Feeling Video by David Hasselhoff

Serves you all right if you click on the link. The text alone should warn you off.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wanna torment your significant other?

Came across this on my way through the digital world of knitwear:

This a mitten designed for a couple to wear together, while holding hands. Yeah, that's right. The German equivalent of a public ball and chain. I mean, humiliating would this be for a guy to wear? What would you say when your wife ('cause let's face it, if a girlfriend made this for a guy, the guy would take off so fast that he'd look like the roadrunner on crystal meth) gives this to you?

I just envision a very uh...mannish...hausfrau (housewife) saying in an intimidating tone of voice, "You will wear this, ja? And if not...we haff vays of making you regret your choice." (Cue dramatic musical theme)

Okay, just for those of you who may be about to accuse me of stereotyping German husband is German-Canadian, and frankly he's the one who puts these ideas in my head. Having grown up in Germany, and having had dealings with several authentic hausfrauen....he's my go-to guy on silly German accents and scary hausfrauen. He's also the reason that I speak in a very specific German dialect. You should see the looks that I get in Germany when I speak - not only am I a little Chinese girl speaking German...I'm speaking in the German equivalent of Newfie. Freaks most people out.

Of course, my German is generally better when I'm a bit drunk. That could also go a long way towards explaining most of the funny looks. Just saying.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Well, it's been a busy little bit.

I sprained my ankle last Sunday taking out the green bin (compostables, for those of you outside the HRM). Some of you may not be aware, but I am a massive klutz...which is quite funny, considering that I'm trained to use sharp pointy weapons. I can do a weapons kata flawlessly...then step outside the dojo and trip over my own two feet. Gah.

And since I was immobilized for a few days, I got caught up on some knitting. And I spent way too much money on music from iTunes.

Cute, no? That's a scarf in alpaca to match Mr. Munchkin's hat and mittens. He's been complaining that his jackets are too choky, so this is a compromise that we can both live with. This scarf was hell to knit, though. I used two balls at once, so I was constantly "splitting" the yarn while knitting it. Needless to say, I got to practice a lot of my German vocabulary - namely the profanities. (Gotta practice for the World Cup...) I think that I knit and ripped back and then reknit at least 3 feet of alpaca, in addition to what you see there.

If there's such a thing as writer's block for knitters - this scarf (despite the horrifically simple and boring garter stitch) almost made me drop my knitting needles off the bridge, it was so repellent and inducing scathing heaps of loathing by the end of the sordid affair...

But every nasty thing must come to an end...and something fun is always lurking around the next corner. Here's what's been skulking around my corner....a little V-neck sweater for Mr. Munchkin in Manos del Uruguay in the colour "Stellar". Now I just need another two balls of the darn yarn and I'm all set. Just getting to the store is my main issue now...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Yarn Co-op Information!

For anyone wanting to join the yarn co-op that I'm running (and closing soon!), here's detailed instructions:

1. Visit the eBay seller's storefront at and choose what colours you'd like, and make a note of the quantities you are interested in.

2. Go to the group website at

3. If you are already a member of yahoo groups, click on the "join group" button. If not, please register - it doesn't take long.

4. Once you are part of the group, please click on the "Files" link in the navbar on the left side of the screen. Read both of the .txt files there - the generalcoop file tells you how the co-op will be run. And the 100purewool file lists the details about the yarn that we'll be getting.

5. Next, click on the Database link on the navbar.

6. Click on the 100purewool co-op link in the main part of the page.

7. Enter your "order" into the database by clicking the "Add Record" link in the middle right part of the screen.

8. Save your record, and you're all done!

On the 15th, I'll tally up all of the orders and send out the initial payment information (i.e. how much you owe for now). Once I receive payment for everyone, I'll put the order into the seller. When the yarn arrives, I'll let you all know through the group message system what your share of the shipping and customs is. If you're local to me, you can pick up the yarn once I receive the second payment. If you're not, then I'll tack on the shipping costs to you in your final payment notification and send out the package once that payment arrives. Pretty simple, eh?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A wiser knitter than I...

1. Realizes that a good sister-in-law does NOT need lobster earrings for Christmas, and stops her husband at the cashier. Kiki, if you're reading this, I can only offer these in recompense for the "surprise" that you must have had on Christmas morning.

Yet more Irish Hiking Wristwarmers! These were my naptime knitting...meaning that I could knit on these while waiting for Mr. Munchkin to fall asleep at naptime as there was just enough light to see my cable needle. Now I need a new project...

2. Would not attempt to cast on a new project in the dark. And then proceed to knit away happily and quite blindly. *sighs*

This was not supposed to be a ribbed scarf. Rather, it was meant to be a vision in moss stitch. But somehow I managed to count the number of cast-on stitches incorrectly (TWICE) while waiting for Mr. Munchkin to fall asleep in the pitch blackness of last night. I'm thinking that it's way too skinny to be a decent it's back to the frog pond it goes. Ribbit Ribbit, indeed. Aren't the colours to swoon for, though? Yummy.

3. Would not post a totally off-topic, yet completely awesome link to a video of some little Japanese dude rocking out to Pachebel's Canon in D. Very reminicent of Wyld Stallions, people. (Go and rent Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure if you don't know who I'm talking about, you heathen troglodyte.) I walked down the aisle to this tune...

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hey, a hobby's no good if it doesn't keep you amused. And by amused, I mean that get the stupid giggles from something that you're working on. Pure fun = ninjas!

Those are stitch markers - destined to be protecting my knitting from hereonafter. My own personal ninja army...BOOYAH! They even spell out Ninja Knitter. Or they would, if two of them hadn't made a break for it. (I'm pretty sure that Mr. Munchkin has commandeered them into a special covert cookie recovery operation.)

And for those of you wondering about the frickin' stormtrooper scarf, here it is in all of its glory.

The AT-AT just didn't work out, due to the total lack of spacial logic on my part. i.e. I seem to be unable to read charts, and neglected to make the scarf big enough to have the AT-AT not wrap around the entire bloody thing. So, a tie fighter it is. In retrospect, I'm quite glad that I didn't do this in there's a good chance that it never would have been completed. I have better things to do with my blood eating Pocky. Mmmm.