Thursday, December 01, 2005

Procrastination is perfectly legitimate...

Well, yesterday, I went to Chapters looking for this, but I came home with this instead:

It's just so darn pretty. Considering that I've been making up more and more of my own patterns, this book's a terrific resource for innovative stitch patterns and edging techniques. I mean, look at these pages:

I'm thinking of using the beaded loops for the ends of my first post-Christmas project - a scarf for myself out of some of the eBay merino.

SnB last night was a wonderful mental tonic... I've been needing some grown-up time for myself lately. But I will say - the barista at Uncommon Grounds has the perfect hands for male mitten modeling. Girls, if you need someone to model your Christmas knitting - he's your man. He even asked if I would knit him some mittens... a guy who serves up yummy coffee and admires knitted woolies? Let's just hope that some good knitter gets this guy and avoids the sweater curse.


Blogger Moe said...

Mmm, pretty book. I think Morgan has the same one. Turns out I found the notes from the hat - yay! Oh, and to answer your question: It is an ikea (good eye) bureau, there was no room for it in our bedroom. It contains some of Mr Moe's not-often-worn t-shirts and such.

Our entire house is pretty much furnished by ikea. Each piece is a testament to our strong marriage because I can't believe we didn't serve each other divorce papers while assembling some of the items. Booze helped.

4:05 PM

Blogger Steph said...

It was so great to see you last night - you must have been drinking caffeinated coffee - b/c you were on FIRE!

Great advice you were doling out too. I'm definitely plunking those peace fleece fingerless mitts into some conditioner when they are done.

10:37 PM

Blogger Ninja Knitter said...

Oh, dear Steph. No, I'm afraid there was no caffeine in that yummy Apple Chai Latte. That's just what happens when I'm given a taste of freedom late at night. ;)

9:49 PM

Blogger morgan said...

ooo i don't have that, i have the 'on the edge' book.
here's the pattern:
(i used worsted and a 5.5mm hook)
ch 11 +1
sc 8, sl st, ch 1, turn.
sk1, sc 7, sl st.
sc 2 across bottom, turning. (so youre on the other side)
ch 2,
dc 4 into 1st sc, sl st into 5th st.

(or use the flower pattern on my blog)
pick up a loop on the back and chain for about an inch and tie off to make the ear loop.
I hope that makes sence! It's really just a leaf with a lopsided bottom.

2:26 PM


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