Sunday, December 11, 2005

Feeling like Scrooge...

Oh, not because I'm not into the season cheer and all that fluff. Quite the opposite. I've been listening to Frank Sinatra and the boys croon Christmas carols for the past week on my iPod. But, I'm feeling like Scrooge, because I'm being haunted. By this:

This, my friends, is Mr. Munchkin's Advent Calendar. Filled with yummy chocolate (which I have not taken a single bite of) and slowly counting down the number of knitting days that I have left to finish this:

That's Mr. Ninja's soon-to-be Star Wars scarf. That's the black Malabrigo that I made a fool of myself for...before I cast on the scarf, I asked Mr. Ninja what kind of scarf he'd like. Well, the dear man decided that he really really liked scarves that were knit in the round. IN THE ROUND. So, I deduced that I was going to need a heck of a lot more yarn than the two skeins I had allotted to this project.

So, I called Tangled Skeins in a bit of a panic at 10 am the next morning. Lovely Jak answered and salvaged the day by finding me five more skeins of the precious Malabrigo hidden in the depths of the store. Which leads me to wonder what other wonders lay beneath TS...

But back to the scarf...I've finally resigned myself to knitting at least 3 feet of stockinette stitch in the round now. But I'm just itching to get to the decorative part. I'm planning on doing the stormtrooper head and an AT-AT from this fairisle design in duplicate stitch. I could have done it in Intarsia...but have you *seen* the Advent calendar? Yoiks.

And I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of our household. Penguin is done. And it seems that Mother Nature decided to welcome him in style. Observe.


Blogger Moe said...

Scarf in the round, huh? In malabrigo? What is he getting you for x-mas? Something really really good I hope. No wonder you are feeling scroogey.

Oh, regarding the log cabin socks pattern - it is from the handknit holidays book (I will try to remember copy it for you sometime...). I had to tink back 3 rounds last night/this morning. I had too much wine and wasn't paying close enough attention to the chart while watching the first half (for the gazillionth time)of "LOTR - return of the king" last night.

11:06 AM


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