Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Not for me...the stormtrooper scarf is pacing along nicely, especially now that I've learned how to knit in the dark. (Count 'em: 3 nights putting Mr. Munchkin to sleep while knitting, and 4 dropped stitches in total. I've even gotten so good that I can pick up dropped stitches in the dark now.) But for Tangled Skeins, my LYS.

Last night, they had a break-in and some complete arsehole took all of the cash. Additionally, apparently there was some maniac on Portland Street last night wielding a shotgun...and the street was barricaded. Double yikes, especially considering that I had popped into the bank just down the street from TS around 6 pm last night, accompanied by Mr. Munchkin. While I can take care of myself in most situations...I am terrified of the prospect of someone hurting my son. So. Sheryl mentioned that she's thinking of moving locations, and I am immeasurably saddened by the prospect. I love the fact that I can walk to TS...but I do understand that the store is on the lonely end of Portland, making it a more vulnerable target. I hope that the landlord decides to install a security system at the very least...


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