Thursday, November 24, 2005

Curse you, ye gods of yarn...

See this?

That carefully drawn circle would be an indication that the gods of yarn are having a good chuckle somewhere at my expense. Those are slippers destined to be felted into a Christmas gift.


I have run out of the accursed Peace Fleece just shy of the i-cord edging on the second slipper. So, my choices are to either rip back the edging on the first slipper, and knit a contrasting i-cord cuff for both slippers in another colour... or to start another skein for a pathetically miniscule amount of yarn needed. Grrr.

I suppose that this is my yarn karma paying me back for the purchase of a new yarn swift and ball winder (What? Did you *see* my last post? I need a ball winder...) but I personally think that some pissed off sheep in the former Soviet Union is just getting its bleated (belated!) revenge on a dirty capitalist knitter.

In other wooly news - I have to get rid of all of my Peace Fleece. It's such pretty yarn, too. *sighs* Turns out that PF is so minimally processed that there's tonnes of lanolin left in the end product. Great for soakers and long pants for cloth diapering. But sucky for me in that lanolin aggravates my skin, causing nasty flare-ups. So, I guess it's just going to be overly processed, soft as a cloud merino for me from now on.

Also, I'm going to be running a co-op for some more of that fantastic eBay merino. She's having a Christmas sale, and I want to get the best price possible. ($6 USD for a skein!) Anyone who's interested, here's the yahoo group:
I'll be setting up the database in a few days, as I'd like to close the co-op before Christmas.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Torment neatly packaged in a skein...or two.

So, I missed Stitch and Bitch yesterday. I would have happily been there, but alas - the spirit was willing, but the flesh was unconscious by 9:30 pm. Ah, the joys of motherhood... I've been so sleep deprived recently that I basically passed out while soothing Mr. Munchkin back to sleep. *sighs*

And we also missed knitting playgroup today, as we were waiting for our new chest freezer to be delivered. Ah was not a total write-off in terms of wooly goodness, as I finally received two packages of yarn that I've been waiting on for ages. The first was a bunch of yarn from an eBay seller - 100purewool. It's a batch of handdyed merino, and it was a fantastic deal. A pic for you:

The arm is Mr. Munchkin assisting me in artfully arranging the skeins for your viewing pleasure. (Don't you love the chubby little wrists? Yea, so I'm biased. It's biological.)

This wool is stunningly beautiful and soft. The big pile of undyed yarn in the back corner is for me to experiment with in the summer...I'm planning on trying my hand at dyeing some colourways that I've had in mind for awhile.

My favourite colourway - well, it's a tie. The multicoloured skeins (blue, red, purple) in the front row, and the orangey-brown skeins in the second row are just begging to be knit up. Oh, but my day just got better and better from here on in...

This jumbled pile of yarn is all Malabrigo/ - I've been waiting on this since the summer. Please believe me when I say that there's a reason that I had ordered so much yarn...I was expecting it to arrive in time for Christmas knitting. And, well. That just ain't happening.

For some odd reason, it all arrived in oddly squished skeins. So, I re-twisted them into shape. OCD? Moi? Nay...I simply have little space to stash yarn any more. Gotta go with the format that works for ya. The green and blue skeins in the lower right hand corner are destined for a "Manly Sweater" for Mr. Ninja. The colours are actually dark enough that he'll consent to wear it in public! I count that as a major triumph, personally. Heh.

In terms of Christmas knitting, here's an atrocious picture of what will become felted slippers. Knit from Peace Fleece, in a yummy deep burgundy. (I have no idea why it's orange in the photo.)

So, why the torment title?

Have you *ever* been confronted with that much lovely yarn - and realized that you couldn't cast any of it on in good conscience? Gah.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Alright, so I caved...

Finally, a place to show the world my M4D Ninj4 knitterly skillz.

Alright, now that your eyes have stopped bleeding from the L33tsp34k...welcome to yet another corner of the online world that I've staked a claim on. Little by little...this plane of existence will be mine!



A picture of Mr. Munchkin showing off his new gnomish hat and matching mittens for your edification. It's knit in the softest baby Alpaca - and I really like how the orange and blue seem to vibrate next to each other. Unfortunately, you can't see the tassle attached to the i-cord at the back of the hat...but it keeps making me crack up whenever I see it flopping around behind his head.